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Welcome to Octave Online.

Octave Online is the free GNU Octave editor and prompt in your browser. Octave Online is powered by the open-source GNU Octave project, whose syntax is mostly compatible with MATLAB.

Type commands in the prompt like you would in your local copy of GNU Octave or MATLAB.
> fzero(@(x) sinh(x) + 1, [-pi pi])
Press enter and see the results instantly.
ans = -0.88137
You can make plots.
sombrero() sombrero
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disp('Hello World')
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Octave Online Interactive Editor

The currently selected file can't be edited online. You can still use the toolbar above to rename, download, and delete the file.

Tips and Tricks

The files you make on Octave Online will be saved for the next time you visit.

In the editor, you can use most of these keyboard shortcuts. You can also use these special keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + Space
Show the auto-completion menu
Cmd/Ctrl + S
Save the file
Cmd/Ctrl/Win + R
Run the file
Cmd/Ctrl/Win + E
Set focus to the prompt

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Octave Online Sync

We are testing a new feature that enables you to synchronize your Octave Online script files with your local machine. This lets you use Octave or MATLAB when you're on your own computer and Octave Online when you're on the road.

We use Git, a popular version control system, to handle the syncing process, so you can also see the revision history on your script files. Watch this screencast for an example of how to use Octave Online Sync.

  • URL http://octave-online.net/sync.git
  • Username
  • Password

Please send feedback on this feature to our support team using the "Feedback" link.