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Welcome to Octave Online.

Octave Online is the free GNU Octave editor and prompt in your browser. Octave Online is powered by the open-source GNU Octave project, whose syntax is mostly compatible with MATLAB.

Type commands in the prompt like you would in your local copy of GNU Octave or MATLAB.
> fzero(@(x) sinh(x) + 1, [-pi pi])
Press enter and see the results instantly.
ans = -0.88137
You can make plots.
sombrero() sombrero
Log in with Google and you can edit files. Press Command+R to run them. Your files will stick around for the next time you visit.
disp('Hello World')
Forgot how to use an Octave command? Click “Octave Docs.” Octave Online is currently in public beta. Find a bug? Like to see another feature? Click “Feedback & Support.” You can find the lead developer .
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Octave Online Interactive Editor

When you sign in via Google, you can upload and run Octave files using the interactive editor. Your files will be saved between sessions.

Create an empty file by pressing the button.

Upload files by dragging them from your computer onto the list to the left.

Click a file to open and edit it.

When a file is open, press Cmd/Ctrl + R or Alt + R to run it.

Enter commands at the prompt below:
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